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STYROBOARD® is a premium quality product introduced by Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt) Limited. After continuous experiments to achieve an extraordinary high R-value, compressive strength, water resistance and surface finish. STYROBOARD® – Thermopore Sheets are produced using the latest molding technique which makes it possible to enhance the physical properties of EPS insulation. The highly closed-cell structure of STYROBOARD® provides a smoother board surface, excellent resistance to moisture and exceptional compressive strength making it a superior and versatile insulation product designed specifically for Pakistan’s environment. Best XPS board insulation. In addition, the fine ship-lap edge profile of STYROBOARD® and thermopore sheets makes application easier and virtually eliminates heat & moisture transfer through joints. STYROBOARD® is produced in accordance with ASTM international standards and a density range of 32-35kg/m3 which provides optimal insulation results. The standard sheet size is 4’ x 3’ and is available thicknesses ranging from 1.5” or 2” and 3”.

Features of STYROBOARD®

  • First ever molded EPS board in Pakistan
  • Highest R-value amongst EPS insulation
  • Very High compressive strength
  • Lowest water absorption
  • Extremely lightweight yet very strong
  • Proven long-term retention of insulation properties
  • Smooth & attractive surface finish
  • Ease of handling and application
  • Provides sound insulation properties as well
STYROBOARD® Manufacturer in Lahore, Pakistan


Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt) Ltd manufacturing Thermopore sheets (EPS Sheets Manufacturer) insulation is rigid and tough closed-cell foam made from pre-expanded polystyrene beads. XPS board insulation in Lahore. These beads are molded together in block form out of which sheets of various densities, sizes, and thicknesses are cut out.