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Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt.) Ltd.

Style Styrofoam Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading Group in Pakistan, manufacturing & supplying extremely high quality of Molded Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS), Pipe Insulation, False Ceiling, Thermopore Sheet, Foam net, Fruit Foam Net, Packaging 3D Products and Disposable Cups as we are known as top EPS Sheets Manufacturer in Pakistan. Company believes in unbeatable quality and services to ensure satisfaction of our high-value customers. We have State of the Art Manufacturing facility and our highly qualified professionals are working day & night to meet international quality standards.

Thermopore sheet Insulation & Packaging

We have the privilege to work with national & multinational Groups to cater their Packaging Insulation requirements and to provide them best quality products with prompt supplies & 24/7 services at their doorstep as we are best in Thermopore sheet Insulation & Thermopore Packaging (packing). XPS board insulation, diamond foam and jumbolon sheet in Lahore.
“STYROBOARD” ® is our brand name, this is a unique product for “Heat Insulation” of your sweet home & Commercial Buildings, roof waterproofing, available in various densities and thicknesses on very economical rates, all across Pakistan.



STYROBOARD® is a premium quality product introduced by Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt) Limited.



Styrofoam (EPS) insulation sheet is rigid and tough closed-cell foam made from pre-expanded polystyrene beads.



Packings The outstanding protection and temperature performance of our Styrofoam boxes have made them the first choice for many users.

First Ever Molded (MEPS) Board in Pakistan

STYLE STYROFOAM INDUSTRY is producing STYROBOARD®, using the latest molding techniques which enhance the physical properties of EPS insulation.

  • Insulates your roof permanently for the life of your building.
  •  Means more energy saving, Reducing Electric / Gas Bills upto 50 %
  •  Decreases 7°c to 9°c temperature as compared to uninsulated building
  •  Economical against its utility & pays back in a short time.
  •  Highly closed cell structure.
  •  Insulation & sound proofing of commercial & residential building.

Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt) Ltd – About Us

We don’t just supply you with industry-leading products at competitive prices; we also work hard that you get your products highly professional to ensure the quality of products with international standards. The Sandwich panel is a self-bearing panel for the roof. STYROBOARD® international standard quality brand only by us and our registered trademark.

We are manufacturing extremely high-quality of Expanded Poly Strean Sheets, Fruit Foam Net, Packaging, Pipe, Foam Net, Insulation sheets, False Ceiling, and Disposable Cups in Pakistan

We believe in unbeatable quality and services to ensure satisfaction of our high-value customers

Our Manufacturing process involves high qualified professionals to ensure the quality of products is accordance with international standards

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Company Strengths

  • Serving the nation for the last 20 years  with excellence.
  • TRUSTED source for quality insulation.
  • ASTM and DIN standard products.
  • Introduced Pakistan‘s first ever “Styroboard” which is our Registered Trade Mark.
  • FOCUSSED ON R&D to provide innovative solutions to clients.
  • Skilled & Experience Professional production & Sales Team.
  • MOST ECONOMICAL insulation manufacturer in Pakistan.
  • Company Products “MEPS” & “EPS” are recommended by top ranking Architects, Engineers & Consultants.